The great American cigar store: there is nothing like it anywhere in the retail space. Bars and clubs don’t come close, but the Cigar King is truly a unique venue. It’s an insanely comfortable environment where people from all walks of life are welcome. There is a phrase that we like to use around here and it sums things up pretty darned well. That phrase is “Brothers of the Leaf”.

It may seem a bit funny. You might think that we are talking about some type of secret society with secret rituals and degrees of order, but it’s much more simple. There’s no Grand Pubah here. In a way it is a club. Membership is attainable by any man or woman regardless of socio-economic status. It transcends all of that nonsense. Simply sit back and enjoy a fine cigar and you are officially a member of the club. You are now a “Brother of the Leaf”.

I’ve seen garbage men hang out with stockbrokers, and everyone gets along. Hardcore republicans enjoying a fine cigar in the company of an ultra-liberal Democrat is a common scene. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are red or blue or what you do for a living; a simple common bond like a fine cigar is all you need.

At a bar you sit and drink alone or with a few friends, but at a place like Cigar King, everyone who enjoys a cigar is your friend and brother. It’s the tie that binds. The price of admission is low. It’s a cigar. It is attainable luxury at it’s finest. It’s brotherly love and everyone is welcome.