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The North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership class of 2018 has created Action Plans for projects that are relevant to our community. You are receiving this invitation because these presentations may be of interest to you. Please take a look at the projects below and attend as many presentations as you can!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Schedule of Events:

1:30PM-3:40PM Action Plan Presentations

4:00PM-6:00PM Keynote, Graduation, and Celebration
Please note that presentation times can vary (ahead or behind) by up to 15 minutes.


Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPS) are a way business owners can gift or sell ownership in their company to their employees through stock options. ESOPS are a great way for business owners to raise capital and invest in their employees. In return employers will experience an increase in productivity and a way to extend the longevity of their business through succession planning. ESOPS really can enable business owners another option than simply closing their doors when they are ready to retire in addition to providing tax benefits which trickle down to all levels of the business. Our program will strive to educate local businesses about ESOPS and provide resources and information to help businesses leverage their capital. This will be done through creating marketing materials and a website, by creating a Truckee- Tahoe ESOP community, facilitating grant applications and holding informational webinars.

Typsi Taxi

Our Action Plan is intended to reduce the amount of drunk driving in North Lake Tahoe by offering a free, donation-based ride service. Our non-profit company provides transportation from high trafficked downtown areas to private residences. The service is completely donation based.

Truckee Tahoe History Echoes

Our plan will produce a series of short videos that highlight historic events or companies and pair them with similar, modern businesses or organizations. It would be a history lesson and small business feature in one clip, designed to educate the viewer on the area’s history while highlighting local people/businesses/organizations. The clips will be accessible to the public through all social media sources and partnerships. We want people to feel a connection where they live. We want to draw support to local businesses and create an authentic sense of place.

CTE Outreach

Our action plan is to connect Truckee-Tahoe’s Hispanic communities to Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Adult Education opportunities currently available through the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) to improve participation in the programs. We hope to do this by working with local community advocates and outreach avenues, utilizing effective messaging tactics, to spread awareness of the program to Spanish speaking high school students, families, and adults. The ideal outcome will be increased participation, thereby leading to greater job and career-based skills and, eventually, actual jobs and careers, reduced unemployment, and other benefits associated with a skilled workforce."

Pop on TART

The North Tahoe-Truckee Community is an area with no shortage of recreation and nightlife activities. Our team seeks to understand visitors’ and residents’ public transportation habits when going out to have a good time. Our action plan is simple: Bring sexy back…to the bus. We want to encourage North Lake Tahoe/Truckee to use Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) for first chair to last call, to keep our roads safer, reduce frustrations of driving in this area, and to reduce our carbon footprint to Keep Tahoe Blue by bus. We feel that our challenge is not awareness but action. Our intent is to encourage and increase ridership of public transportation (TART) for activities that bring people to Tahoe and keep everyone having fun. Any information you can provide regarding your public transportation usage is extremely helpful to us.

Food Heroes

We are a group looking to secure excess food in order to redistribute it to non-profit organizations in the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area via a food waste registry. Many businesses find they have excess food but are not aware or familiar with how to donate it or what to do with it. Subsequently, non-profit organizations in need of food will be able to sign up via the registry to claim food they may need.

  • When: Thu May. 24
    1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

  • Address: 8318 North Lake Boulevard
    Kings Beach CA,US 96143

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